Designed around the needs of the battery specialist, fleet operators, warehouses, and reclaimers. The constant current output is current limited, and is controlled by one linear adjustment. Voltage is adjusted automatically on the QPA6-127v/6A, and a range switch is used on the other two models. These models use no micro processor, and are ideal for busting loose stubborn sulfation using a slow 12-24 hour charge. The reverse polarity feature, and isolated, all copper transformer make the Series Multi's safe.


QPA127v/6A - Charges (10) 12 volt batteries at 6 amps

QPAX36-240v/6A - Charges (20) 12 volt batteries at 6 amps

QPA12-127v/15A - Charges (10) 12 volt batteries at 15 amps


Model QPA12v/50A is designed with maximum flexibility. The adjustable current control means it can charge groups of wet cells, AGM's or gel batteries requiring as little as 1 amp each, or put as much as 50 amps into one battery. The adjustable voltage control means you can control final voltage with precision. Equipped with ammeter, and digital voltmeter for battery monitoring. Safety features include, reverse polarity protection, and current limiting.

A bus bar, or bus cable such as this one is required to charge multiple batteries in parallel. This assemble consists of (2) #6 cables 10' long, (10) red and black clips on 12" #10 gauge leads, attached to cable by brass wing nuts spaced 10" apart.

1 Year Warranty Made in U.S.A.

3 Year Warranty Made in U.S.A.