Volts & Amps

Cycle Progress

Capacity Replaced

Charge Profile

Battery Type & Charge Setting



Electric Vehicles

Floor Scrubbers

Pallet Trucks



Golf Cars


Full Featured Digital Readout

Transformer Based Reliability

Current Limited, Polarity Protected

Turns On Deeply Discharged Batteries With As Little As 2 Volts

Available DC Ends- All SB Connectors, clamps, ring terminals or other

All models available in 230v 50Hz.  (Prefix SCPXU)

The SCPES line of chargers provide all the technology and features you need. These models supersede all previous Select-A-Charge models. The informative display, and programmability are accessible using a simple one touch button. They charge all lead acid industrial, and consumer type batteries, and are available in a wide variety of volt/amp combinations. More energy efficient than previous models, they bring batteries to a full charge, and completely disconnect from the AC mains. Batteries are continuously monitored using no AC power. In the event batteries become discharged, these models will recycle themselves with a refreshing charge.


A wide variety of DC plugs are available, including all SB, and golf car types, or just clamps.