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Reliable transformer based design.

Versatile. Can be independently programmed.

Simple tricolor charge indicators.

Powder coated aluminum enclosure.

Easily field serviceable.

Connects to batteries in series or parallel configurations.

Safe. Polarity protected, and current limited.

Can be factory programmed to charge lithiums


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6' Long DC Leads. 8' AC Cord

Whether your batteries are connected in series, or parallel, or you have individual batteries in various states of charge, using a Multi Bank charger optimizes batteries without over, or undercharging. Each battery is given individual attention, and a tricolor LED for each bank gives instant charge status. Each bank can be programmed via internal dip switch. That means you could charge a mixture of battery types such as wet deep cycles, AGM's, gels, or lithium ion (lithium ion profile must be programmed at the factory) with one charger! Versatile is the best word to describe the Multi Banks.


The charge rate may be adjusted by connecting multiple banks to one battery. For example, if you have a 3 bank 10 amp charger, you could charge one battery with 30 amps if all banks were connected.


The Multi Banks are unsealed, and are easily serviceable. In case of a bank failure, it can be easily, and cheaply replaced in the field, no need to send the whole charger in for service.


50 amp copper clamps are standard, but we can install plugs, as well as customize cord lengths. Just tell us what you want.

All models available in 230v 50Hz.  (Prefix MBXU)