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Reliable Transformer based design.


Digital ammeter, and tri-color LED to track charge progress.


Programmable to charge all lead acid battery types.


Three stage charge cycle, maintains batteries in full charge condition.


Turns on with as little as 3 volts in pack.



All models available in 230v 50Hz.  (Prefix QPXU)

IT'S EASY. Whether you have an EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, or any other brand of golf car, or personnel carrier, these two models have you covered. Our goal is to make our chargers outlive your golf car, and if it doesn't you can count on a serviceable product, not a throwaway. Batteries are charged and maintained in top condition, if left connected for weeks, or months. In most cases our default program is sufficient, but we do allow it to be tweaked via internal dip switch's for unusual uses which you can easily access. Unsure? Just call us.

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