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Aircraft APU; Aircraft charger
Aircraft APU; Aircraft charger

Piper plug or three pin Cessna

Supplies filtered DC bus power when master switch is activated. A must for checking aircraft controls and avionics. Also is a 10 amp battery charger through the APU receptacle. DC ammeter, and digital voltmeter indicators. Output is current limited. Voltage is limited to prevent system and battery over voltage.

Where to Buy:

900CCA starting power. Can supply additional backup power

Quick connect cable assemblies with aircraft plug or clamps

26AH Small powerful self service batteries

Built in charger. 4 hour recharge time

Aviation/Commercial grade

Dimensions H.W.D: 14 x 10 x 16" (not including tow handle)

Weight: 75 lbs.

2 year warranty

The Flying start is a powerful jump starter, and auxiliary power supply, providing both 12 and 24 volts. Unlike other brands, the batteries can be changed by the user in about 15 minutes.

Aircraft starter; Aircraft boost starter;

Model QP122410 Battery Charger. For all 14 & 28 volt batteries and systems. For more info click here